It’s time to make awkward moments history!

L ifestyle Management is our corporate and social guide for your out-of-office life. The service is designed to build your personal brand in four main areas; travel, fashion, food and culture.

The training helps you overcome common fears, and frees you to be yourself at every setting. It’s time to make awkward moments history!


We provide etiquette and protocol workshops for individuals and corporates. We also have specialized programs for teenagers and children. Our sessions are fun, practical, interactive and educational, focused around international as well as contextual etiquette. Soft skills are necessary in today’s world as they lead to respect and value for people of all generations.


This program is designed to give you the much need balance to life and all the hats we wear and challenges we face. It’s a dynamic process of constant change and growth, physically, mentally and socially. Join our 3 day soul cleanse and begin your journey towards life mastery.


Travel etiquette is most important when you are away from home. In the ever-changing world, travel is not as it used to be and many professionals end up in challenging situations, as they haven’t learned the basics of global travel. In this program, we teach the essentials to savvy packing, pre-trip planning and provide tips to reduce stress associated with travel. Seeing that you are an ambassador of your home country you can represent and impress your hosts and business peers internationally.