Deep within you is a voice calling you out of obscurity of the shadows into greatness. Step out.


BUSINESS ETIQUETTE- Open a new channel of influence to everyone you meet by mastering etiquette. Etiquette makes an impression on people when done right. And makes them respond to your message faster and more positively. Etiquette is also a skill all high-level staff, professionals and leaders must possess; missing out on the signals of etiquette can cost a lot, so don’t be the one who does!


PERSONAL BRANDING- Renew your personal brand today, and watch it create a world of new opportunities for you. We start with a redefinition, then we explore all brand touch-points and then review the channels across which people experience and relate with your brand. From this, we design a holistic personal brand that speaks with credibility to audiences, both current and new. This clarifies the value you bring to the table, and enhances the authenticity of your vision.


Lifestyle Management is our corporate and social guide for your out-of-office life. The service is designed to build your personal brand in four main areas; travel, fashion, food and culture. The training helps you overcome common fears, and frees you to be yourself at every setting. It’s time to make awkward moments history! Food. Fashion. Culture. Travel.


Lessons for winning that impact lives and transcend generations. The challenges we overcome, the achievements we’ve had and the people we have met are the real treasures of our lives. The Legacy Project is a service that packages them into a format – video, audio, mobile, web – that family, friends and colleagues can access and learn from, anywhere in the world.


If you have great communication skills, a sense of style and creativity, passion to see lives changed and a strong desire to start and build something of your own, then this is one of the most lucrative, safe and respectful opportunity for you to convert your love into a business.

Nzilani Testimonial

Nzilani Muia

Marketing Manager- Consumer Adhesives
Henkel Kenya Ltd

Transformative Training!

Nthenya is not only extremely Passionate and Knowledgeable but has a knack for communicating complex concepts into simple and applicable tips and tools. Her contribution on personal branding at the Henkel Women’s Network Forum was invaluable in providing soft skills to women looking to improve and build their personal brand and shatter glass ceilings. We then took our collaboration further when we asked her to come back and run a Personal Branding working for our Sales & Marketing Team. She certainly didn’t disappoint!