W e help both individual and corporate clients on The ABC’s of Image (Appearance, Behavior and Communication). We also provide much needed soft skills in etiquette and international protocol including the African Cultural Etiquette (ACE).

Improving your company’s image begins with improving the image of your employees, who are responsible for creating that all important first impression with your clients. We educate and train your employees to reflect a professional and consistent image, the impact of communication, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and the importance of international etiquette. To this end, corporate image management is a must for every serious company.

We are the leading Image consultancy firm on the Continent with over 20 years experience. We have networks across the globe from our affiliations with international associations. We are the only Image Consulting School in East and Central Africa offering certification in partnership with Colourworks International. Our trainings are energetic and dynamic combining modern technology with international etiquette and protocol. Our soft skills’ training is current and relevant and our track record speaks for itself.



Observing cultural etiquette when doing business in Africa is an underrated and often overlooked business skill. Nthenya is the leading consultant for businesses seeking to conduct business in Africa. Having travelled extensively around the world as well as throughout the continent and having partnerships with different experts, she has studied how Africans do business. Nthenya regularly advises blue chip companies and international clients on the etiquette tips while conducting business in Africa. She has written several guides to Protocol, Manners and Culture of the African People.


Power Business Sessions

Power Business Sessions with Nthenya are talks that heal with feminine humour, sharing provocative insights and life-changing advice. Led by Nthenya, the sessions are structured as group meet-ups. Each session is designed to celebrate visionaries at all stages of their careers and professional experience.


Personal Consultations

We take time to understand you and craft what works best for your personal brand. Here we cover the ABC’S and include Digital assets to help align individual brands with a 360 approach. To make sure we get it right, we work with your image starting with a needs assessment then make recommendations for appropriate and affordable image solutions to ensure you live your brand and transform your world and ultimately make it a culture